Last chance for aged care providers to claim a Government-funded licence for innovative pain assessment tool, PainChek®

Carinity Clinical Nurse Consultant Ramandeep Gill uses the PainChek app to scan resident Margaret Webley’s face

Sign-ups for a free 12-month licence close on 31 May 2021

Now is the last chance for eligible aged care providers to participate in the Government-subsidised roll-out of PainChek® Universal, a complete point-of-care solution for best practice pain management. The roll-out includes a free 12-month licence for all facilities who sign up by Monday, 31st May. Sign up here…

To facilitate the national implementation of PainChek’s pain assessment tool in residential aged care centres, the Australian Federal Government has provided a grant for up to 100,000 PainChek annual licences for all Australian Residential Aged Care Facilities. The funding came as part of the Government’s initiative to promote innovation in aged care and support improved pain assessment and management for those living with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

Philip Daffas, CEO and Managing Director at PainChek® said: “With PainChek, pain assessment is well on its way to becoming a new healthcare vital sign and over the past two years, we’ve seen the positive effect it’s having on the industry. Now, with only a few weeks left to sign up for a free 12-month PainChek® licence, we’re urging those remaining facilities to claim their obligation-free funding entitlement and join the existing 993 facilities benefiting from PainChek.

Facility Implementation & Feedback

An independent review of how PainChek® assessments have helped to better identify
and manage residents’ pain since 2019 found:

• Over 350,000 pain assessments have been conducted
• 288 Residential Aged Care Providers managing 993 aged care facilities have been given access to PainChek®.
• Almost 7,000 staff have registered to use PainChek® and 4,400 staff have been trained to use the tool.
• More than 50,000 dementia licences for residents living with dementia and cognitive impairment have been activated.

“The independent review showed overwhelmingly positive feedback from users,”
Daffas said. “One example is of an aged care resident whose ongoing reports of chest
pain were believed to be one of several challenging behaviours. After a PainChek®
assessment, the pain was confirmed which the staff were then able to effectively
manage, resulting in significant reductions in stress and agitated behaviours.”

How It Works

PainChek® Universal includes access to the PainChek® App, Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) and PainChek® Analytics, all in one complete point-of-care tool. The PainChek® App’s assessment framework uses AI and facial recognition technology to automatically detect micro-expressions that indicate pain, even if a resident cannot verbalise. The app is clinically proven to improve pain assessment and pain management for people with moderate to severe dementia in aged care and those who may not be able to communicate verbally. For those who can verbalise, PainChek® Universal also includes the NRS, an established standard used to document self-reported pain levels.

View demonstration of PainChek

For many people, cognitive state and ability to reliably report pain will fluctuate day to day or even hour-to-hour. PainChek® Universal includes both pain assessment scales in a complete point-of-care tool, which in turn allows carers to capture pain scores for all residents – regardless of their ability to communicate their pain.

PainChek® is integrated with all nine major Care Management System providers in Australia, removing duplication and streamlining clinical data. It involves two-way integration, which means PainChek® receives information from the facility’s clinical system and then sends back pain assessments – making it a true point-of-care assessment tool and ultimately giving back clinical time to staff.

Aged care staff and healthcare professionals should contact PainChek to register their interest for the free 12-month licence here before Monday, 31 May 2021. Once submitted, a member of the team will be in touch to help providers claim their risk-free funding entitlement in minutes.

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