MACG’s journey with Care Direct to enhance operations and family connections

Care worker using Care Direct

Inside Ageing had the opportunity to speak with Irene Yau, the Operations Manager of the Medical and Aged Care Group (MACG), and Chief Executive Officer, Cameron McPherson, about the implementation of a new care management system and a future-looking vision for the company. This encompasses strategies to tackle workforce shortages, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate family communications in a bid to differentiate their businesses in the eyes of the community.

MACG is a family-owned company that has evolved from its inception in 1995 to become a leading provider of high-quality aged care homes across Victoria. With a strong emphasis on building relationships, both with residents and their families as well as staff, MACG has cultivated vibrant and connected communities within its homes.

Like most providers, MACG is grappling with a shortage of staff, especially in regional areas that they serve, along with metropolitan areas. Recognising the potential of technology to mitigate this challenge, they initiated discussions with Acredia Care in May 2023 to explore the adoption of their digital aged care management software, Care Direct.

The implementation process began in July 2023, starting with a configuration stage, and at the time of writing the rollout had commenced. A project team comprised of representatives from marketing, clinical, operations, and IT departments collaborated to ensure a smooth transition. The adoption of Care Direct was expected to address needs ranging from CRM functionalities to effective communication with families.

MACG invested time in demonstrating the software’s functionality to staff. The goal was to enable staff efficiency, improve resident outcomes, and foster staff accountability. Training sessions spanned from three days for 70-bed facilities to one week for a 150-bed site.

The introduction of Care Direct garnered positive responses from staff, particularly from younger employees who embraced the technological change. The system proved user-friendly for the older staff, streamlining manual reporting tasks. Notably, staff members appreciated the newfound ability to spend more time engaging with residents.

While it is still early to measure the full scope of time savings achieved post-implementation, the software is already streamlining operations. With Care Direct, staff can access up-to-date resident activity records on-site via iPads, eliminating the need to return to nursing stations. Additionally, MACG plans to integrate its existing medication management software into Care Direct.

The customizability of Care Direct to suit our own unique requirements makes moving from one system to Care Direct so much easier…

Cameron McPherson, Chief Executive Officer, MACG

Strengthening Family Connections

MACG is focused on leveraging Care Direct to bridge the gap between residents and their families. Acredia Care’s Family App offers families real-time updates about their loved ones, fostering transparent two-way communication. This innovative approach aims to enhance family engagement and provide comprehensive information about loved ones’ activities, including photos and updates to do with well-being. Families are also able to ask questions and lodge requests.

Dr Charles Chang, Founder and CEO of Acredia Care, explained that the new functionality in the Family App empowers customers through Care Direct. “This enables both internal and external focus, enhancing efficiency for staff and residents while establishing a direct communication channel for families to stay informed.”

Ms Yau highlighted the importance of communication as key to changing the community’s perception of aged care and differentiating their business in the process.

“We have a great story to tell, including the best food and produce we source and the high-quality care provided. It’s important to share this with families so that it is not just the news stories in the media that they hear,” Ms Yau added.

By enhancing communication, accountability, and efficiency, MACG strives to create a positive and enriching experience for both residents and their families, helping change perceptions of the quality of aged care services.

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