Moving toward a more connected aged health system with My Health Record

By using My Health Record, care providers can gain access to health information that aims to improve continuity of care across the spectrum, from aged care nurses to GPs.

The Aged Care Registration Project, coordinated by the Australian Digital Health Agency, offers support for residential aged care homes to connect to My Health Record.

The project emphasises several key points, including the benefits for providers, carers, and consumers, the availability of extensive records that include vaccination information, diagnostic imaging, advance care plans and GP summaries.

As of February 2024, 35% of residential aged care homes in Australia are connected to My Health Record, a notable increase from 12% just 18 months ago when the project was established.  This growth is attributed to the growing benefits of accessing My Health Record, with a continuing stream of comprehensive health information being added. The capability to upload advance care plans to My Health Record is a significant development, facilitating better-coordinated care in both residential aged care and home care settings.

The Agency has collaborated with numerous software vendors to develop systems that seamlessly integrate with My Health Record. Currently, over 13 software vendors have systems supporting this integration, with plans to engage with additional vendors in the future. This integration enables authorised staff members to access a resident’s comprehensive health record, including vital information such as discharge summaries, pathology results, and medication history.

A share-by-default approach for pathology and diagnostics information would continually add to the current records held by almost 24 million Australians in My Health Record.

Speaking with Inside Ageing, Laura Toyne from the Agency, highlighted My Health Record as the digital solution for streamlining the information transfer from aged care to acute care settings.

“The Aged Care Transfer Summary (ACTS) within My Health Record facilitates the transfer of essential health information when a resident is transferred to acute hospital care. This includes details such as reasons for transfer, current medications, and other relevant records, thereby improving the efficiency and safety of care transitions,” Ms Toyne added.

“Helping providers into the digital sphere has the potential to save them time and money. There are some initial investments to build digital literacy, and once this is done, considerable gains across efficiency and improved care outcomes can be realised.”

Laura Toyne, Branch Manager, National Program Delivery, Australian Digital Health Agency

The Agency is actively engaged in promoting the benefits of digital health and supporting providers in adopting these technologies.

Registration support is available to help you connect

Through tailored registration support and educational resources, the Agency will help aged care providers navigate the transition to digital health solutions.

A registration support team is available to connect residential aged care homes, with tailored, one-on-one registration support available via e-learning modules, webinars, training simulators and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join the digital health revolution. Visit the Australian Digital Health website to register your interest and the team will contact you with further information and next steps.


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