My Guardian founder Jad Haber recognised with an Australia Day Award

Jad Haber, 2023 Australia Day Award recipient

Jad Haber, the founder of home care provider My Guardian, has been honoured with the Australia Day Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to community service.

Mr Haber had a successful career in the film and advertising industry before starting My Guardian in 2015.

The My Guardian foundation, born out of Haber’s passion for making lives better, exemplifies values such as care, support, and dedication. His role extends beyond being a founder, embodying the essence of a guardian to those in need. A poignant example is his intervention in the life of a girl with severe cognitive impairment, abandoned by her parents. Haber stepped in as her guardian, providing a loving home, support, and access to education.

The Australia Day Award acknowledges Haber’s unwavering commitment to community service and highlights his role as a guardian to many. His philosophy centres on the belief that every act of kindness, regardless of size, can create a ripple effect of positive change. Haber’s initiatives span education support, covering medical and tuition fees for underprivileged students, and high-complex care assistance, showcasing a holistic approach to community welfare.

His message encourages embracing small acts of kindness, emphasising their cumulative impact.


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