New aged care industry workforce council announced

The aged care peaks are partnering to support the first industry leadership group dedicated to transforming the sector’s workforce to improve services to consumers.

The Aged Care Guild, ACSA and LASA are committed to the establishment of the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council.

The Council will lead the implementation of Australia’s aged care workforce strategy: A matter of care – a strategy for Australia’s aged care workforce, led by Professor John Pollaers, Chair of the 2018 Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce. The strategy represents the most comprehensive examination of the key issues facing Australia’s aged care workforce.

The peaks said an industry representative Council is necessary to ensure the strategy empowers industry as a whole to improve; enabling consumers and the workforce to gain maximum benefit from its recommendations.

ACSA CEO Pat Sparrow said the peaks are committed to delivering lasting cultural change that better meets the needs and aspirations of consumers.

“By establishing the Council, we will enable strategic leadership across the sector and accelerate coordinated implementation of the strategy,” Ms Sparrow said.

LASA CEO Sean Rooney said to realise the full potential of the strategy, all in the industry will need to work together to support workforce transformation.

“This Council will provide a platform for industry engagement, working to ensure the design and rollout of the recommended actions are practical, relevant and adequately resourced, to drive meaningful change,” Mr Rooney said.

Aged Care Guild CEO Matthew Richter said the strategy had already achieved key milestones, but there was more work to be done.

“The establishment of the Industry Accord on the Remote Aged Care Workforce, which provides an amplified voice for service providers in remote areas, with the formation of the Aged Services Industry Reference Committee are important first steps,” Mr Richter said.

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council will meet for the first time in February.

For more information on the strategy, view Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce.


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