New consumer care magazine hits the market

A new magazine titled “Care” that aims to inform consumers about aged care services and issues will launch in August.

The quarterly publication, to be offered in both print and digital formats, will provide a direct-to-consumers advertising platform for aged care service providers and health providers.

“Over the past two years – and after careful consideration and much consultation – we formed the view that many consumers, their families, and people in the wider community are simply not aware of the extent of changes that have been happening in the aged care sector,” co-founder Jeff Gilling said in the company’s launch email to the industry.

“The maze of complexity navigating the myriad of options in the aged care sector means many people are simply not aware of the rights and entitlements afforded to them under Consumer Directed Care, and, nor are they well-informed of the best choices available to them in In-Home or Residential Aged Care.”

“We felt the community would be well served by a consumer-facing magazine, website, and hub so are pleased to announce Care. Australia’s Aged Care Magazine will be launching in August.”

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