New NDIS fact sheet for aged care providers

The Department of Health has released a new fact sheet for aged care providers delivering home care services to younger people who may be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Younger people who are already receiving a home care package (or their representative) will be contacted by an NDIS representative to determine their eligibility for the NDIS and the Department has asked providers to give clients a copy of this fact sheet for  younger people receiving a home care package in preparation.

Once a person has been deemed eligible, a discussion about their goals will be had between themselves, their and an NDIS representative as part of the planning conversation.

The plan will include the supports funded under the NDIS and those supports that are the responsibility of other parties.

The intention is that people may move to the NDIS as soon as they have a plan. However, this may depend upon the termination provisions of their home care agreement. Even if they cannot move from their home care package immediately, they may be eligible to receive additional services through the NDIS.

Until a younger person transfers to the NDIS, if they are receiving a home care package they can continue to be asked to pay for their aged care. The fee arrangements remain unchanged and are determined based on the younger person’s date of entry into aged care. NDIS will not cover the basic daily fee.

Once a younger person has completed their first plan, which will include the reasonable and necessary supports they require, they will have control over their funding.

Individuals not eligible for the NDIS may be helped by a Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator to make contact with providers in community care settings and discuss their needs where appropriate.

Aged care providers are reminded that the home care changes coming into effect on 27 February 2017 will impact younger people who have not moved on to the NDIS.

The Department has requested the help of providers in ensuring people’s contact details are up to date, which can be done by contacting the DHS on 1800 227 475.


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