New SCORE approach to record client outcomes

Service providers will be able to use a new approach to record client outcomes known as Standard Client Outcomes Reporting (SCORE) as part of the Partnership Approach being run by the Commonwealth Government.

SCORE is designed to help measure client change linked to service delivery over time allowing providers to have more informative and added value to your data about the services you provide.

Service providers participating in the Partnership Approach have access to an additional suite of sophisticated info-graphic self-service reports.

The Service Footprint Report and the Resource Planning Report are the first to be released with the outcomes focused reports to be released throughout 2017.

The Service Footprint Report provides the ability to put a road map view to clients accessing services to demonstrate how far clients are travelling to services and how many clients an organisation has supported within the local and out of area regions.

Combined with the client demographic profile, an organisation is able to use this information to better target their services but also demonstrate community need.

The Resource Planning report provides an overview of the trends in service delivery to assist organisations in business planning and demonstrates to funding agencies the peaks in service delivery.

The current standard reports will also be migrated to the new reporting environment in the coming months and will continue to be made available to all organisations.

A series of webinars on the new reporting suite will be advertised on the front page of the Data Exchange website throughout 2017 as well as face to face information sessions across Australia.

The Department says the recent webinar about the Partnership Approach and the client survey will be available on the Data Exchange website shortly.

Most reports in the Partnership Approach are expected to be released in 2017, with the benchmarking report methodology progressing and that report is expected to be released in late 2018.

A copy of the discussion paper that was released is available which provides further information about the proposed approach to benchmarking.

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