Promoting art against ageism: An invitation to challenge stereotypes

An Inside Ageing creation using AI and DALL-E with the request, 'A painting of the future of aged care in Australia in the style of Andy Warhol'

In an effort to combat ageism and promote inclusivity, the annual public art competition, Art Against Ageism, is set to captivate audiences once again. Organised by Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS), the competition aims to challenge negative stereotypes surrounding ageing through an inspiring exhibition that celebrates the diverse capabilities and beauty of older individuals. This year, the AMCS is inviting the wider community and media to join hands in spreading awareness about this transformative initiative.

The competition, which spans multiple creative categories including Painting, Drawings, Photography, Graphic Design, and AI-generated Imagery, invites participants of all ages to showcase their artistic prowess. The submission process is simple – applicants can upload their artwork directly to the AMCS website at or email their creations to The deadline for submissions is September 10, 2023.

The competition promises substantial rewards for the creative minds who participate. The first prize winner will be awarded $1000, while the second prize winner will receive $500, serving as a testament to the significance of combating ageism and championing a more compassionate society.

“The transformative power of art is boundless. Through Art Against Ageism, we seek to highlight the richness and depth of experience that comes with age,” said a spokesperson from AMCS. “We invite everyone to stand with us and challenge the stereotypes that perpetuate ageism, fostering an environment where all generations can coexist harmoniously.”

The judging panel features representatives from: National Seniors Australia, Elder Rights Advocacy, EveryAge Counts, Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), and the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF).


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