Rebranding and repositioning: Proveda’s journey into a new era of community care

Kaz Dawson, CEO, Proveda

In this guest post, Kaz Dawson, CEO of community care provider Proveda, reflects on their recent rebrand and how they are transforming their business under a new brand for future care.

Australia’s aged care system is in the midst of a significant transformation. With once-in-a-generation reforms reshaping the landscape, aged care and community service providers must be at the forefront to not just survive, but thrive.

For us to evolve with the ever-changing sector, we have recently rebranded to Proveda – formerly known as Community Care Northern Beaches (CCNB).

Placing a focus on investing in people, processes, and digital systems, is critical to ensuring we are well-positioned to continue supporting customers for decades to come.

Aged care is not merely about meeting the basic needs of older Australians; it’s about delivering compassionate, respectful, and quality care to those who once cared for us. Proveda has served the local community of the Northern Beaches of Sydney for thirty years. Its journey has been one of continuous adaptation to meet changing customer needs and to navigate the evolving funding and regulatory environments.

As a well-established, trusted and experienced service provider, we evaluated the rationale, benefits, risks and potential challenges of a rebrand, and decided that for us, it was an important and meaningful change to future-proof the organisation.

Rebranding: A strategic move

Rebranding is often misunderstood as merely a change of name or logo. However, Proveda’s strategic shift aligns with our values, vision, and long-term commitment to our customers.

Rebranding is about building trust and communicating that we are a forward-thinking, adaptable organisation, prepared for the future. It also presents a unique opportunity to engage and connect with our community. Our former name, Community Care Northern Beaches, reflected a specific location, which some customers and partners outside this area found challenging to connect with.

Proveda aims to foster a stronger connection with customers and communities across Greater Sydney, NSW, and Australia as it expands its geographic footprint.

How we communicated the rebrand to our stakeholders, partners and customers was pivotal. This included important considerations such as seamless dialogue with customers during the transition and maintaining a trusted profile within the community. Some of the ways we managed this were through:

  • Ongoing communication with our customers and partners included updates using a variety of channels including newsletters, emails and social media and incorporating a CEO video to explain the change.
  • Personalised phone calls and follow-ups with important stakeholders and key funders.
  • Undertaking an external advertising campaign to run in parallel.
  • Developing a new website that spoke to all our audiences and accurately reflected our wider service offering.
  • By embracing innovation, investing in our workforce, and strategically repositioning our services to meet growing demands, Proveda is preparing for a future of supporting customers for decades to come.

Workforce development

The changing landscape of customer care demands a workforce that is not only skilled but also adaptive.

Its critical staff receive training to improve their understanding of the increasingly clinical needs of aged care customers who choose to stay in their homes longer. This includes ensuring high-quality care, fostering a compassionate approach and navigating digital tools effectively.

Attracting and retaining talent is imperative. Proveda is committed to offering competitive wages, clear career pathways, and recognition to ensure we have passionate, skilled professionals on our team.

Embracing innovation and technology

Digital transformation across the aged care sector is not optional — it’s imperative. Investing in technology enhances our ability to manage care more effectively, improves communication, and streamlines operations. From digital health monitoring to data analytics, technology is revolutionising how care is delivered. Proveda is focused on training and upskilling our workforce to ensure that technology becomes an asset rather than a barrier.

Meeting growing demand

As more older Australians opt to remain in their homes longer, the demand for services supporting ‘ageing in place’ is rapidly increasing. Proveda offers a broad spectrum of services and partners with a network of skilled providers, thereby ensuring customers have access to more options than traditional aged care providers can offer, and this is reflected in our new brand.

Rebranding is not without its risks and challenges. It can lead to confusion and require significant resources. However, the benefits far outweigh these challenges. A well-executed rebranding strategy can rejuvenate an organisation, enhance its reputation, and position it better for future challenges.

Navigating the complexities of rebranding in the aged care sector requires a clear vision, commitment, and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape.

At Proveda, we believe that this strategic move will not only strengthen our brand but also ensure that we continue to support our customers with the same dedication and quality care for decades to come.


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