Reduce energy use ahead of price soar

On 1 July the three largest energy retailers – AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia increased energy prices in what will result in an average 18 per cent price rise.

Businesses in South Australia will be hit the hardest, with its energy prices now the highest in the world.

Any company not already taking advantage of fixed rates through an energy broker needs to review its energy saving options.

Bupa aged care has turned to energy efficiency provider, EcoSave to help reduce its costs and is realising annual savings of $800,000.

Group Managing Director at Ecosave, John Harriott, says bespoke efficiency solutions with an integrated end to end service that can achieve anywhere between 25-40 per cent in overall energy savings and maintenance costs.

Tips for saving energy

 – Use smart controls and power factor correction units
– Replace low efficiency devices and equipment, particularly lights
– Install solar panels
– Switch to solar hot water
– Review building sealing to improve temperatures control
– Look at boiler and heating and cooling optimisation
– Outsource energy management to an energy broker to get the best possible deal
– Outsource utility management and building monitoring to allow for continual optimisation
– Outsource bill management and validation to a company that will keep an eye on your bills, ensure you’re being charged fairly and regularly review tariffs.


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