Silverchain Group acquires KinCare to expand home care services

Adjunct Professor Dale Fisher

Home care provider Silverchain Group has announced the acquisition of KinCare, effective immediately. This strategic move allows Silverchain to expand its aged care operations on the east coast of Australia, enhancing its ability to provide high-quality home care for KinCare’s clients.

Dale Fisher AM, Chief Executive of Silverchain Group, highlights the alignment of values between the two organisations as a key factor in the acquisition.

“We welcome our new colleagues from KinCare and look forward to supporting them as they continue to deliver safe and effective care for their clients. Our ambition is to build a better home care system for all Australians.”

Dale Fisher AM, Chief Executive of Silverchain Group.

The acquisition includes KinCare Health Services Pty Ltd and KinCare Management Pty Ltd, adding 1,300 employees and more than 11,500 clients to Silverchain’s portfolio.

Silverchain already serves over 21,300 in-home aged care clients across Western Australia, Victoria, and South Australia under the RDNS Silverchain brand. The acquisition extends Silverchain’s reach into Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Bernadette Gotch, Chief Executive of KinCare, expressed optimism about the benefits of joining Silverchain Group.

“Silverchain has a long history and strong reputation for delivering high-quality aged care. We will learn from each other to benefit all our clients as we approach a period of needed reform and strengthened quality standards for in-home aged care.”

The acquisition will see KinCare Health Services Pty Ltd and KinCare Management Pty Ltd managed as subsidiaries of Silver Chain Group Ltd until non-profit charity status is obtained from the Australian Charities and Nonprofit Commission.


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