Sleeptite gains govt investment to move from prototype to commercial product

Aged care monitoring system REMi®

Sleeptite, and the company’s aged care monitoring system REMi®, has received new funding from the Australian Federal Government; being awarded a co-investment through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC) $30 Million Commercialisation Fund.

The Hon Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction today announced Sleeptite will receive $872,004 in co-funding from the Commercialisation Fund, towards a total project commitment of $1.95 million.

The award-winning REMi® technology is a world-first, non-invasive resident monitoring system embedded into a medical-grade mattress protector. The patented system is set to bring dignity and respect to vulnerable older Australians while ensuring the aged care workforce is better supported.
Support from AMGC’s Commercialisation Fund will enable Sleeptite and its collaboration partners, RMIT University, Sleepeezee Bedding Australia and new partner Joyce Foam Products, to continue the research and development that has led to the creation of the REMi® system and boost their local manufacturing processes and capabilities as they work towards commercialisation.

Sleeptite CEO Cameron van den Dungen said in a statement, “I applaud the Federal Government for their initiative in supporting Australian researchers and manufacturers who are creating products and services that will not only benefit the Australian public but will create export opportunities and strengthen our sovereign manufacturing capabilities.
“We are proud of our research and manufacturing collaboration with RMIT University and Sleepeezee Bedding Australia and we are grateful for the support of the AMGC and Federal Government as we now look to commercialise REMi® and bring much-needed change to the aged care sector,” van den Dungen said.
The funds will ensure the Sleeptite laboratory and manufacturing processes will be built in Melbourne, on-shoring the sensor development and sensor printing capabilities, creating new employment opportunities and keeping all ownership and IP for REMi® here in Australia.

REMi® is designed to address a key theme from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety – the quality and standards of care provided through the course of the night. It will allow providers and carers the ability to implement continuous, reliable and non-invasive monitoring of resident biometrics helping them to predict falls, manage pressure sore injuries and monitor those in their care through the night, without disruption.  Project funding will enable Sleeptite to complete a large-scale test program to confirm and optimise the physical durability of the product as well as the reliability and reproducibility of the sensor array and communications electronics.

The AMGC Commercialisation Fund was announced in March 2021 and is designed to support Australia’s manufacturers to turn their good ideas into world-beating realities that create more local jobs.

Commenting on the investment AMGC managing Director Dr Jens Goennemann said,

“Sleeptite’s development addresses a real need both locally and abroad, with falls from bed costing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. If fall injuries can be prevented, any expenditure saved could be diverted to quality-of-life measures, it is essentially a win-win for all and part of the reason we’ve endorsed Sleeptite’s innovation.
“With almost a third of our life spent asleep, Sleeptite’s REMi® product will have significant impact across a broad range of sectors beyond aged care. Any investment in quality sleep and medical outcomes, be they proactive or preventative is money well spent,” said Goennemann.

The Commercialisation Fund is designed to foster projects that bring industry and researchers together to commercialise new manufacturing products and processes within the Government’s six National Manufacturing Priorities: Medical Products, Food and Beverage, Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing, Recycling and Clean Energy, Defence, and Space.


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