Students and seniors connect through Augmented Reality

ECH Cumby Crew and Year 5 & 6 Mitcham Primary STEM extension students

Students from Year 5/6 Mitcham Primary STEM extension classes have joined forces with participants of the ECH Community Day Program, known as “The Cumby Crew,” to create and explore Augmented Reality (AR) games, fostering connections and bridging generational gaps.

This heartwarming collaboration unfolded at the Cumberland Park Community Centre, a partnership between ECH and the City of Mitcham (South Australia), offering weekly activities to engage older members of the community.

Over two terms, the students crafted AR games with older individuals in mind. They recently had the chance to showcase their creations to the program’s participants, igniting their imaginations and strengthening the bond between generations.

Claire Scapinello, ECH Chief Executive, highlighted the importance of such intergenerational connections for overall health and wellbeing, highlighting the project’s significance in promoting empathy, understanding, and cooperation.

“Each week, the ECH Community Connections Team ensures bonds are built and friendships are formed to encourage participants to try new activities such as craft, macramé, art, sewing, cooking, gardening, or even music and dance,” Ms Scapinello added.

One Cumby Crew member shared, “Today was absolutely fantastic. Five years ago, I couldn’t turn a computer on, but now I can do a lot more on it. For older people, I think they should get more involved and encourage them.”

Scott Greenshields, Mitcham Primary School principal, praised the initiative for enabling students to showcase their projects and gather feedback from seniors, while also benefitting the seniors by offering a glimpse into the future of technology.

The AR games, designed to encourage physical activity among older individuals, have undergone testing and hold great promise for enhancing overall well-being.


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