Tell Touch and Swift partner

Tell Touch and Swift (ASX: SW1) have joined forces to enhance feedback management within the aged care sector. The collaboration introduces a new touchpoint through Swift Access-enabled TVs, facilitating seamless integration with Tell Touch’s feedback management ecosystem.

Tell Touch, founded by Christine Brodrick and Diana Cooper, former registered nurses turned auditors and consultants, developed their feedback and complaints management system in response to the demanding workload faced by aged care professionals. With a focus on capturing and actioning resident and family feedback effectively, Tell Touch’s solution aligns with the recommendations set forth by the Aged Care Royal Commission, in particular, Aged Care Quality Standard 6

Swift, known for transforming TVs into interactive platforms, offers Swift Access, a premium product designed to engage residents and enhance community inclusivity. Through Swift Access, residents gain access to entertainment, community information, and age-specific activities, all tailored to their needs.

The recent partnership between Tell Touch and Swift introduces a novel approach to feedback collection, allowing residents and families to complete surveys via Swift Access-enabled TVs using their remote controls. This integration optimises the user experience without requiring additional hardware, thus facilitating effortless feedback submission directly from residents’ rooms.

Tell Touch Co-founder Diana Cooper says, “We’re thrilled to partner with Swift to harness the familiar convenience of television. This integration empowers residents to voice their concerns privately and effortlessly from their rooms – supported by their families. It’s a significant advancement in ensuring responsive and inclusive care within the aged care community.”

Swift CEO Brian Mangano echoed similar sentiments, stressing the importance of listening to and acting upon feedback from senior Australians in residential aged care.


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