This week is National Volunteer Week: Toolkit promotes aged care volunteering

National Volunteer Week, from May 20-26, 2024, celebrates the contributions of volunteers nationwide. To support this initiative, the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Aged Care has released a stakeholder kit aimed at recruiting aged care volunteers.

The toolkit includes resources to aid community communication efforts, emphasising the importance of aged care volunteering. It provides editorial and website content, key messages, and social media posts to streamline the outreach process.

Key elements of the Toolkit:

  • Editorial and Website Content: Ready-to-use content for newsletters and websites, encouraging community members to volunteer by explaining the impact and ease of becoming an aged care volunteer.
  • Key Messages: Essential points to communicate the benefits and importance of aged care volunteering, stressing that no special qualifications are needed—just a willingness to help.
  • Social Media Posts: Pre-crafted posts for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter), with relevant hashtags to maximize engagement.

The materials can be downloaded here

National Volunteer Week is a time to inspire individuals to contribute to their communities.

Aged care volunteers can assist with tasks like gardening, transport, and meal delivery, or simply offer companionship.


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