Today is Aged Care Employee Day

The Aged & Community Care Providers Association Youtube page features video tributes to aged care workers. See video link in the story...

Thanks for Caring

Everyone receiving care in Australia

Workers in aged care services around Australia are being celebrated and thanked for their dedication and compassion on Aged Care Employee Day.

Aged care service providers are marking the day with staff barbecues, morning and afternoon teas, and gifts including chocolates and movies tickets, all to say ‘thanks for caring’.

Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) Interim CEO Paul Sadler said 7 August has become an important date in the calendar signalling a time to reflect on the critical role played by our aged care workforce.

“It’s a chance for providers and families and loved ones of aged care residents, clients of home and community care, those in retirement living and seniors housing, to say to staff ‘thanks for caring’, and ‘thanks for all that you do’,” Mr Sadler said.

“There are many different roles in caring for our older Australians; today we celebrate the women and men who work in home care, the nurses, personal carers, support workers, cooks, gardeners, diversion therapy staff, allied health workers, volunteers, and administrators, who make the lives of older people better.

“Now in its fourth year, Aged Care Employee Day has generated a groundswell of stories and touching video tributes from providers, families and loved ones of residents and clients from all over Australia thanking the more than 300,000 aged care staff for their dedication and compassion.”

Mr Sadler said working in aged care can be hard at times but also incredibly rewarding.

“Our staff have faced the most challenging of conditions during this pandemic and were tested to their limits with the COVID-19 Omicron wave over summer. Many lived on-site to continue providing essential care to their loved older residents while colleagues were struck down with Covid or forced to isolate.

“We want our residents and clients, their families and friends, to join us in saying ‘thank you for a job well done’ and recognise the hard work of aged care staff in caring for our loved ones.

“We also want to encourage aged care staff to take a moment for themselves to regroup, take a breath, and refresh either with family, a favourite past-time or recreation and recharge.

“They all deserve our thanks for their professionalism, their warmth, and their enthusiasm to help older Australians live comfortably.

“ACCPA congratulates our aged care heroes for their dedication, their compassion and their hard work and we encourage the public to give them the recognition they deserve.”

See some of the tributes to our aged care staff on the ACCPA Facebook page, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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