Transforming aged care communication: The Brenna app

This profile looks at Brenna, awarded highly commended in the 2023 Future of Ageing Awards – Business Technology category.

Brenna is an innovative communication app designed for residential aged care (RAC) facilities. Launched in August 2022, Brenna improves communication between nurses and families of residents, setting a new standard in enhanced communication within the aged care industry. The app empowers Registered Nurses (RNs) to provide comprehensive updates to families in under a minute, optimising nursing time for direct care.

Co-designed with the Tulich Family Community aged care homes from November 2021 to November 2022, Brenna addresses the critical need for streamlined documentation and communication processes in aged care facilities while ensuring timely and crucial information reaches all stakeholders simultaneously.

Why it came about

Inspired by the personal experience of founder Jeannie-Marie Noyce, whose mother resided in aged care, Brenna was developed to address the challenges faced by families and staff in accessing clear and timely information regarding residents’ wellbeing. These challenges included unclear communication, misunderstandings, and lack of direct communication from the care facility. Ms Noyce identified the need for a digital communication tool to improve the efficiency and quality of communication between staff and families, leading to the inception of Brenna.

How it works

Brenna facilitates efficient communication by allowing staff to provide updates to families via a user-friendly interface. The app notifies all registered contacts of residents regarding any incidents or updates. Key features include a simplified form for nurses to convey crucial details, a traffic light system indicating the severity of issues, and a comprehensive backlog of updates for families. Brenna’s hybrid application model, funded through a combination of director loans, revenue, and grants, ensures usability and data integrity for aged care providers.

Monitoring & Evaluation

In its first year, Brenna has achieved high user satisfaction and adoption rates across aged care homes. Nurses have reported significant time savings and improved workflow efficiency, while families appreciate the timely and comprehensive updates on their loved one’s condition. Evidence has shown a reduction in communication complaints and enhanced visibility of incidents, leading to improved staff training and resident care. Time-stamped written records help aged care providers comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Testimonials from stakeholders further validate Brenna’s transformative impact on communication and quality of care in aged care facilities.

Key Stakeholders: The co-design of Brenna involved key stakeholders including Be Nguyen, CEO of Tulich Family Communities, Jeannie-Marie Noyce, founder and CEO of Brenna, facility managers, care managers, clinical leaders, nurses, family members, and residents. Their active participation and feedback ensured Brenna’s effectiveness and usability across various settings.

Evidence of success

Feedback from users and stakeholders, including nurses, family members, and management, highlights Brenna’s positive impact on communication, workflow efficiency, and resident well-being. Testimonials and survey data demonstrate high user satisfaction and adoption rates, making Brenna a transformative and invaluable tool in aged care communication.

By addressing the critical need for streamlined communication and documentation processes in aged care facilities, Brenna has emerged as a pioneering solution, enhancing the quality of care and meaningful connections between residents, families, and staff.

The 2024 Future of Ageing Awards are currently open for entries.


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