Video: RMIT students win National James Dyson Award

Airlift, winner of the 2022 National James Dyson Award

Named after Sir James Dyson – inventor of the revolutionary bagless dual cyclone vacuum – the awards recognise the next generation of design engineers and inventors of problem-solving ideas.

Aged care is in need of problem-solving, so having home-grown winners is especially satisfying with RMIT University students, Fergus Davidson, Maireid Carrigg and Maneet Singh recognised for their AirLift pneumatic patient transfer device that assists at-home healthcare workers.

As winners of the national James Dyson Award, the AirLift inventors secure AU$9,000 in funding to take the idea to the next stage of its development, including a functional prototype.

“We see the James Dyson Award as a huge opportunity for emerging designers and engineers.
It gives the next generation a platform to showcase our enterprise and creativity. We are honoured to be recognised in this year’s awards.”

Co-inventor Fergus Davidson

Placing a layer of air between the patient and the bed reduces the force required for repositions, minimising the risk of injury to the healthcare worker from strain. AirLift can switch between three key patient movements; sit up, roll over and translate, which can be controlled using the remote control. A removeable cover can be replaced to meet hygiene requirements.

AirLift provides a safe and inexpensive way for an individual healthcare worker to reposition patients without physical or mental stress.

Inside Ageing’s Sean McKeown spoke with the inventors Fergus Davidson, Maireid Carrigg and Maneet Singh about the win and the next stage of development.

If you would like to participate in future trials please contact the team directly:


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