VR training set to transform dementia education

Dementia Australia has unveiled D-Esc, a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) training workshop designed to revolutionise de-escalation techniques in dementia care settings. This immersive simulation aims to equip frontline and healthcare professionals with essential skills to manage behavioural emergencies more effectively.

D-Esc offers an interactive approach to training, fostering empathy and understanding towards people with dementia. The primary goal is to reduce the use of restrictive practices and mitigate the severity and frequency of dangerous incidents in care environments.

In a statement, Dr Kaele Stokes, Executive Director of Services, Advocacy, and Research at Dementia Australia, emphasised the significance of this training.

“Behavioural emergencies and occupational violence in aged care are critical situations. People living with dementia may experience anxiety, fear, distress, confusion, or pain, making effective communication essential,” she stated.

The workshop teaches participants to recognise emotional and physical signs of escalation and to respond safely.

Dementia Advocate Phil Hazell, who lives with younger onset dementia, highlighted the importance of such training in promoting understanding and awareness.

“It’s crucial that people comprehend how dementia affects individuals differently,” he said.

The D-Esc workshops, each lasting three hours and accommodating up to 15 participants, are fully funded until June 30, 2025. These initial sessions, open to 6,500 eligible participants, will take place in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide and will feature live demonstrations. All workshops are available nationwide.

To confirm the eligibility of your staff please contact: development@dementia.org.au


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