Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Preparing for the 5 Pillars Plan with Kerryn Dillon and Rich Ainley (PwC) – available Tuesday 23rd November

You may have listened to our recent episode with Professor Joseph Ibrahim, The Legacy of the Royal Commission, where we discussed the impact of the Royal Commission’s final report and the Government’s policy response.  Well this episode continues that conversation from a different viewpoint

On Tuesday, we’re talking to Kerryn Dillon and Rich Ainley from PwC, who as well as advising many aged care providers on matters of structure and management, guided the Government in the creation of the so-called “Five Pillars Plan”.

This episode is really about deconstructing the effects that this Government plan will have on the industry, from management, to care workers and to care recipients and families. It turns out, it’ll take some time for changes to set in, but in the meantime, Kerryn and Rich have some ideas that can help the industry get ready for imminent change.

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And lastly, we’re fast approaching the end of the year and wanted to sew a little seed that we’re doing something fun and different for our episodes in December, which we’ll tell you more about shortly…

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