Aged care minister announces RNs present 98% of the time

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells

In a press conference at Parliament House Canberra, Aged Care Minister Anika Wells revealed that registered nurses (RNs) are now present in aged care homes 98% of the time. The data is based on reports from 95% of facilities.

The statistics highlight that RNs provide care for an average of 23.5 hours per day. The effort has been hailed by Minister Wells as a demonstration of caring for the most vulnerable members of society.

Government records also indicate that approximately 86% of Australia’s 2,600 facilities now have RNs available on-site at all hours. A positive trajectory in aged care reform is evident, leading to increased care standards. Mandatory care minute targets are set to be introduced on October 1.

The news was commended by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on social media.

Tom Symondson, CEO of the Aged & Community Care Providers Association, applauded the achievement despite workforce shortages. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation echoed the sentiment, acknowledging the progress just a month into the RN requirement.

In a press release, Annie Butler, federal secretary of the ANMF, emphasised the importance of staffing for enhanced care outcomes and workforce retention.

Quality indicators and star ratings have also shown positive advancement, with Minster Wells reaffirming the government’s commitment to uplifting care standards through collaborative efforts.


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