Updated: COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for aged care workers

National Cabinet has tonight agreed to make COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for residential aged care workers with the first jab by mid-September 2021.

The decision comes after an increase in COVID-19 cases of the more contagious Delta variant across the country and concerns from within the aged care industry that compulsory vaccinations will see many people leave the sector.

In response, the federal government will provide $11 million to help aged care providers offer paid leave to staff to be vaccinated.

It is expected the rollout of the vaccine will follow the same approach as the mandatory flu vaccine.

Inside Ageing has sought a response from the Department of Health about vaccination of other workers in residential aged care, including cleaners, food service, maintenance, admin, and back of house.

Updated June 30, 2021: Inside Ageing received the following reply from the Dept of Health regarding the vaccination of other workers in aged care, including cleaners, food service, maintenance, admin and back of house:

‘Further information on the introduction of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for residential aged care workers will be issued in due course.’


  1. Let’s be clear that this is not about the welfare of those at risk.

    A basis human right is 1/ the right to earn an income and 2/ the right to choose what enters your body. Why aren’t Australian’s standing up for their freedom?

    It will start with aged care and move to other industries.

  2. What about pregnant care workers? Can’t they be done after delivery? No one can be 100% sure it’s is safe for pregnant women and their baby.

  3. This is the time and issue for Australians to be accountable for the justice they believe they deserve. Most of us show how we feel amongst ourselves but seem reticent to approach authorities, fearing judgement! It is also time we expressed concern (edited) These statistics are never made available to us so that we can make an informed decision. People aren’t told the vaccines aren’t vaccines by defenition but injections. There needs to be honesty and clarity in a first world Country.

  4. I can’t believe I have to be injected with a vaccine to keep my job – so wrong on so many levels – aged care are the guinea pigs for this. No one should be subject to this – colleagues don’t understand – two jabs each year now flu and Covid, just to work as a PCA part-time in aged care. My colleagues are just blindly doing this they don’t even know what’s in the vaccine and are scared of losing their jobs.

  5. So aged care workers are being forced to have covid 19 vac but any visitors to these facilities don’t!!
    I wonder how family, friends, tradies, funeral companies, laundry providers and any others that come into the facility would feel if they to were forced to have it or they can not enter the facility! I’ve worked in aged care for nearly 30 years! I have a medical exemption for flu vac and I will be getting one for covid 19, if it’s not accepted then I will leave the industry! I refuse to be forced to have something I don’t want to put in my body and certainly not because the government said I have to! I’ll take no job before I’m forced to be jabbed!!

  6. I don’t think we know enough about these vaccines and their side effects. This is why I think it is wrong to make them mandatory. People should be able to choose if they want these vaccines or not. I am an age care worker and have just completed a Diploma of nursing I’m not against any vaccinations and have had all the required vaccinations for working in health care, it’s just that these to make me a bit nervous.

  7. What do you need to know about the vaccines? Flu vaccines are mandatory. If you’re concerned about fertility and pregnancy I assume you’re not smoking or consuming alcohol or processed foods given these have proven impacts on fertility and pregnancy? You may have a right to work and earn an income but you don’t have a right to do a specific job if you’re not willing to comply with the conditions of that job.

  8. Being vaxed doesn’t protect the residents , it still transmits . So how is it protrecting the residents . Force the residents and families that have contact , then we can go from there


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