Coviu welcomes Diana Pitts as new CEO, replacing Dr Silvia Pfeiffer

Diana Pitts

Coviu, a prominent player in telehealth and teleassessment software, has appointed Diana Pitts as its new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Dr Silvia Pfeiffer who co-founded the business and recently announced on Linkedin that she was stepping down. Along with this announcement, Dr Pfeiffer provides an interesting overview of the Coviu journey from a research project to a VC-backed startup in 2012…Read more

Ms Pitt’s background in scaling startups and her extensive experience in healthcare and technology sectors position her well for this role. She has a track record of driving revenue growth and operational efficiency in her previous positions, notably as COO at Safewill and Head of Operations at Mable.

In a statement, Ms Pitts shared, “It’s clear to me that Coviu is positioned to make a significant impact globally. When you consider macro-environmental trends such as ageing demographics worldwide, regional and remote healthcare disparities, and the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth emerges as a crucial solution. The opportunity to join Coviu, a company that has already made significant strides to democratise and improve healthcare accessibility is incredibly exciting.”

Her appointment comes at a crucial time, with telehealth gaining prominence due to factors like ageing demographics and healthcare disparities accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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