Dementia-Friendly Communities Action Plan announced for South Australia

Dementia Australia, in collaboration with Parliamentary Friends of Dementia Co-Convenors Erin Thompson MP and Penny Pratt MP, has unveiled the Dementia-Friendly Communities Action Plan for South Australia. This initiative aims to enhance awareness and support for individuals living with dementia, their families, and carers.

Developed through consultations with Dementia Australia Dementia Advocates and parliamentary members, the plan outlines strategies for making South Australian communities more dementia-friendly over the next two years.

With an estimated 34,170 people living with dementia in South Australia, expected to rise to 55,600 by 2054, the plan focuses on advocacy, awareness, and stigma reduction. It leverages resources from Dementia Australia to empower parliamentary members in advocating for dementia-friendly policies and practices within their electorates and parliament.

The Action Plan reflects a collaborative effort to address the diverse needs of those affected by dementia. The plan is flexible to accommodate future initiatives and emphasises engagement with communities through activities like becoming a Dementia Friend and utilizing Dementia-Friendly Communities resources in local events and speeches.

The Action Plan is intended as a living document, allowing for future opportunities and activities to be included over the course of the implementation. Some key deliverables from the Dementia-Friendly Communities Action Plan for South Australia include:


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