Excellence in aged care: Amana Living nurses shine at 2023 WA Nursing Awards

(l-r) Stephanie Buckland CEO, Amana Living, Sharon Maitland, Service Manager of Wearne House in Mandurah and Lisa Studholme, Service Manager of Kinross Community Care.

At the 2023 WA Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Awards, two outstanding nurses from not-for-profit Amana Living received well-deserved recognition for their remarkable contributions to the nursing profession.

Sharon Maitland, the Service Manager of Wearne House in Mandurah (South of Perth), was honoured with the Consumer Appreciation Award. Sharon’s journey began as a graduate nurse at Amana Living in 2002, and she has held the role of Service Manager at Wearne House since 2007. Her dedication and exceptional caregiving inspired Leng Saw, a nominee, to express deep gratitude, highlighting Sharon’s qualities of love, care, diligence, compassion, involvement, and perseverance. Sharon credits her mum for inspiring her to choose a career in nursing.

Lisa Studholme, Service Manager of the Kinross Care Community, was celebrated as a finalist in the Excellence in Residential Care Award category. Lisa, who joined Amana Living in 2015 and has been leading Kinross since 2019, was recognised for her professionalism and her ability to foster meaningful relationships among staff, residents, and their families, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Kinross.

Commenting on the achievements of Sharon and Lisa, Stephanie Buckland, CEO of Amana Living, shared:

“We are very proud of Sharon’s work to create a community of compassion, respect and excellence in care at Wearne House. It was a delight to have her accomplishments and contribution to her profession acknowledged publicly.  

“We are equally proud of Lisa Studholme for being selected as a finalist for the Residential Care Award and recognised for her passion for building strong relationships with the staff, residents and families of the Kinross Care Community. We thank her for recently stepping up into an Operational Manager role and sharing her expertise with our newer service managers.  

“We are incredibly fortunate to have these talented nurses as part of the Amana Living community.  They are making a positive impact and a part of a wonderful team who are united by a common goal to fulfil the lives of the older people we serve every day.”  

Congratulations to Sharon and Lisa from Inside Ageing.


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