Govt seeks input on new Aged Care Act

The Albanese Government is seeking input on the exposure draft of the proposed Aged Care Act, a substantial reform aimed at prioritising the well-being and rights of older individuals within the aged care system.

Stakeholders, including older Australians, their families, caregivers, aged care providers, workers, advocates, and interested individuals, are encouraged to provide feedback on the draft laws.

The Act is part of the government’s strategy to improve the delivery of aged care services. Once enacted, it will ensure that those accessing Government-funded aged care services are treated respectfully, promoting their deserved quality of life.

Key features of the proposed Act include the introduction of a Statement of Rights for older people, a simplified single entry point for easier access to the aged care system, rules on supported decision-making to enhance choice and control, reinforced Aged Care Quality Standards, increased protections for whistleblowers, enhanced powers for the regulator (Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission), and the introduction of criminal penalties for providers engaging in misconduct.

“We want Australians to tell us what they think of the draft law. Does it clearly define the rights of older people? Will it empower older people to make decisions about their own care?”

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells

The Act is being developed and consulted on in phases, with the exposure draft following extensive public input on the foundational aspects earlier in the year. Australians can contribute their opinions through workshops, surveys, or submissions until February 16, 2024.

Exposure draft – Aged Care Bill 2023


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