MyFeros Portal now has 1000 users

This article is an update in relation to 2019 Future of Ageing Awards finalist Feros Care who was Highly Commended for its work in Supporting Independence. View original anncouncement here –

Technology that allows seniors to easily manage crucial aspects of their in-home care is celebrating a milestone with the MyFeros Portal reaching 1,000 users after a successful pilot launched in 2018.

Port Macquarie senior, Barbara Barrett, has been using MyFeros Portal since its inception two years ago to manage her appointments, check schedules, compare statements and lodge reimbursements.

Mrs. Barrett’s government-funded Home Care Package includes physiotherapy, massage and podiatry, as well as help with shopping, gardening and housework.

She says the technology saves her time and makes managing her in-home care ‘enjoyable’.

“I’m not very technologically-capable, but the Portal is so easy, there’s nothing complicated about it,” she said.

“When I was first approached by Feros Care to join the platform I was concerned about how I would cope but it’s amazing and I’d now never go back to the old way of making telephone calls.

“I no longer have to spend time on hold, my questions can be answered almost immediately, there’s always someone available to look into anything I need – it’s just a marvelous system.”

Mrs. Barrett has even started lodging her reimbursement claims through the Portal.

“It saves me trips to the post and means the money is paid into my account within about a week, where before it could take up to a month,” she said.

“I also love that I can make adjustments to my schedule so easily, check who’s coming and even look back at old statements. It’s very comprehensive. I can’t praise it enough.”

Feros Care client Pamela Hanley with her Google assistant

Feros Care Chief Information Officer Glenn Payne says the Portal is designed to give seniors more control.

“At Feros Care we are always looking for ways to help people remain independent and live in their homes longer,” he said.

“Working in aged care, we find it’s hard for people who have been independent their whole lives to suddenly rely on others to provide services for them.

“MyFeros gives them back control, keeps them easily connected to Feros Care staff and carers and saves them time.

“While we will always be available to answer a phone call, we believe that technology is pivotal to improving the lives of our clients and we’ll continue to embrace innovation and revolutionise the delivery of care.”

For Mrs. Barrett, the Portal is not only convenient, it’s fun.

“I enjoy it actually,” she said.

“I’ve started putting little smiley faces or flowers on my messages. The Feros team picked that up and have included some of their own smiley faces and symbols, so we make a bit of fun out of it.

“The young lady I communicate with through the Portal, Mallory, is a credit to the company. She replies so quickly and is so efficient.”

Mrs. Barrett says she recommends Feros Care to her friends who have also been happy with the service.

“One particular friend of mine was choosing which provider to use for her Home Care Package and she decided to go with Feros Care after I told her about the Portal and she is also amazed at the ease of it,” she said.

“I would say to anyone, give it a try.

“You can always go back to making phone calls if you can’t cope but once you start, Feros Care makes it so easy for you.”


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