New grants for aged care infrastructure in regional, remote and First Nations communities

The Aged Care Capital Assistance Program aims to fund infrastructure projects enhancing residential-based aged care services, particularly for older people in regional, rural, remote, and very remote areas, and First Nations people in any location, including metropolitan areas.

Up to $200 million is available to:

  1. Deliver more residential care beds through new services or expansion (excluding MPS and NATSIFACP services).
  2. Upgrade or refurbish existing services (including mainstream, MPS, and NATSIFACP services) in regional to very remote locations (MM2 to MM7) and metropolitan areas (MM1) targeting First Nations people.

Applicants must submit separate applications for each service.

The grant aims to modernise service environments, reduce shared facilities, increase resident amenities, meet higher care needs, add more residential care beds, and address inefficiencies and safety issues.

The expected outcomes are improved access to quality, culturally appropriate aged care for older people and First Nations people, and enhanced sustainability of these services in non-metropolitan areas.


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