Reimagining Aged Care: Tackling Compliance and Workforce Crises with Innovation – Webinar, May 25

Hosted by Inside Ageing and Zipline, this live webinar is designed to help Aged Care providers navigate today’s workforce challenges and meet new reporting requirements efficiently.

We introduce two new products aimed to alleviate the challenges and how providers can improve care and business outcomes.

Zipline, a Future of Ageing Award winner and leading provider of compliance and workforce solutions for Aged Care has announced the launch of two new products, QI Hub and Quickstart, aimed at helping providers easily meet new reporting requirements (NQIP and Care Minutes) and improve hiring efficiency. 

The new products come at a crucial time as aged care providers face increasing compliance burdens and workforce challenges. Join the conversation and register today…

Quickstart: Efficient & Competitive Hiring 

Zipline’s Quickstart is designed to transform the hiring experience in Aged Care and give time back to HR teams on strategic initiatives rather than an admin burden. Quickstart automates pre-employment checks, reducing delays and offering roles to quality candidates quickly. 

Quickstart was created after seeing hiring slow down when it came to pre-employment screening, leading to higher agency costs and poor resident care. It would take HR teams, clinical managers and facility managers days per candidate to collect, verify and get the right documentation to start a role with lots of back and forths and incorrect submissions. During this time, quality candidates would drop out of the pipeline having received an offer elsewhere. 

Quickstart speeds up this entire process, by automatically collecting, verifying and storing the documentation and allows you to have quality candidates start. 

QI Hub: NQIP and Care Minute Reporting 

As new Quality Indicators around Workforce, Consumer Experience, and Quality of Life take effect, Aged Care providers face the challenge of effectively monitoring and reporting their progress. Without a solution in place, already stretched staff will be spending additional weeks every quarter reporting on this. 

QI Hub simplifies the reporting process by automatically capturing essential data and uploading it directly to the Department of Health’s My Aged Care. This includes agency staff time and its links to Care Minutes. 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

1 pm Sydney/Melbourne AEDT Time


Moderated by Inside Ageing’s Sean McKeown


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