Updated: RM Begg aged care home in Victoria confirms merger with Respect

RM Begg, Kyneton, Victoria

Updated 12 July: Kyneton’s community-owned RM Begg aged care facility in Victoria will join the not-for-profit organisation Respect after successful consultations with the local community.

The RM Begg Board decided to merge with Respect to secure the facility’s future in the face of challenges in regional aged care. The community was invited to share their perspective and learn about Respect’s plans for the facility’s future. After the consultation period, the Kyneton community approved the merger with Respect, ensuring continued support for residents and their families.

Kyneton’s community-owned RM Begg aged care facility in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges is preparing for a merger with national aged care provider Respect. Residents and staff have been informed of the Board’s intentions to merge RM Begg with Respect, a not-for-profit organisation that operates 20 aged care homes, retirement villages, and home care services across Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

In a letter to the RM Begg community, Board Chair Phillip Irvine explained that the Board had spent the past 18 months investigating potential aged care providers who could ensure the organisation’s sustainability. Irvine expressed confidence that under Respect, RM Begg would be better positioned to meet the ongoing challenges of the industry and thrive as the preferred aged care provider for the Kyneton community.

As part of the merger preparation, the RM Begg Board has engaged various stakeholders from the local community. A consultation meeting will be held next week to provide members of the Kyneton community with an opportunity to understand the decision-making process, share their perspectives, and learn more about Respect and its plans for RM Begg’s future.

Respect’s Managing Director and CEO, Jason Binder, hailed the potential move as a positive step forward for the Kyneton community, ensuring the continuity of service and support for residents and their families for generations to come. Binder emphasised Respect’s commitment to community engagement during the merger process and expressed gratitude for the historical role that RM Begg has played in the Kyneton community. Inside Ageing spoke with Jason Binder in a recent interview who outlined their approach to acquiring facilities…Read it here.

RM Begg, if the merger proceeds, will become the 21st aged care home to join Respect, a century-old organisation. Respect has experienced significant growth in recent years, expanding to include 20 homes across Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales, along with home care services and multiple retirement villages and independent living communities.


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