Urgent appeal: Aged care advocate mobilises support for flood-hit Cairns elderly

Coral Wilkinson

Aged care advocate, author, and Registered Nurse Coral Wilkinson, from See Me Aged Care Navigator, has issued an urgent appeal for nursing supplies in the Cairns region following devastating flooding caused by ex-tropical cyclone Jasper.

The flooding, described as the worst in a century, has affected 140,000 homes, incurred billions in damages, and led to water restrictions and power outages for 86,000 residents.

Coral, witnessing the destruction firsthand, decided to take action, identifying a critical need for nursing assistance, particularly in providing continence aids and wound care products to older people. Her appeal extends to the immediate delivery of essentials such as non-slip mats, shower chairs, mobility aids, and personal alarms.

Supported by fellow aged care advocates Amina Schipp and Alwyn Blayse, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched, raising over $3000 in just three days.

The funds will exclusively go towards purchasing nursing supplies for distribution to older individuals affected by the floods.

Coral stresses the urgency of direct assistance, noting that while community and government efforts exist, they may not address the immediate needs of older residents who lack awareness or time to navigate bureaucratic support systems.


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