Whiddon ‘Looks Forward’ with new brand campaign

Regional not-for-profit aged care provider, Whiddon, has unveiled its latest brand campaign, ‘Looking Forward,’ featuring a new TV commercial, ‘When I’m Older.’

The campaign, developed in collaboration with marketing agency Ardent, aims to showcase Whiddon’s commitment to quality and innovation in aged care.

The ‘When I’m Older’ TV commercial, part of the broader campaign, presents a journey through life, designed to show ageing as a rich and rewarding experience.

In a statement, Whiddon’s CEO, Chris Mamarelis, highlighted the brand’s dedication to providing innovative and tailored support, encouraging the community to join them on this forward-looking journey.

The campaign, spanning various media channels, aligns with Whiddon’s employee value proposition, ‘Passion with Purpose,’ addressing workforce challenges in the aged care industry.

“Our new campaign brings our guiding principle of innovation to life. We are excited to showcase our ongoing commitment to providing innovative care and tailored support to our community. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire others to join us on a journey of looking forward at Whiddon.”

Whiddon’s CEO, Chris Mamarelis

The campaign rollout integrates local press, out-of-home advertising, direct mail, and paid media executions.

The TV commercial will be broadcast in regional New South Wales and Southeast Queensland markets from January 14th, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the ‘Looking Forward’ brand campaign throughout 2024.

Several aged care providers have embarked on recent brand campaigns designed to create a point of difference in the eyes of consumers and potential employees.

Ryman employer campaign across Victorian buses (2023)


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