Aged Care Employee Day 2023: August 7

Aged care providers, residents, and families across the country are asked to express their gratitude and say ‘Thanks for caring’ to the hardworking aged care employees on Aged Care Employee Day.

Aged Care Employee Day serves as an important opportunity to spotlight the positive initiatives and uplifting news emerging from aged and community care, retirement living, and seniors housing facilities across the nation.

Join the movement

The Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) encourages everyone to participate in various heartfelt activities to show their appreciation for aged care staff. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Create and Share Video Messages:

A heartwarming gesture of gratitude can be as simple as sharing a video or photo on social media platforms, thanking the dedicated aged care staff. For those eager to take part, please send the videos and photos to for a chance to be featured on ACCPA’s official website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts. When filming with a mobile phone, remember to keep the video under 3 minutes and use the landscape/horizontal format for optimal results. Participants are also encouraged to showcase projects that enrich the lives of older individuals. A number of videos have been uploaded to the ACCPA Youtube account already:

  1. Display Posters in High-Traffic Areas:

Spread the word within aged care facilities by downloading and displaying A4 or A3 posters in high-traffic zones like kitchens or common rooms. These posters serve as a visual reminder to express appreciation and gratitude to the devoted aged care staff.

  1. Utilise Social Media Frames and Tiles:

Employ the specially designed social media frames and tiles provided by ACCPA on your social channels, accompanied by the hashtag #ThanksforCaring, to amplify the message of gratitude.

  1. Leave a Message on the ACCPA Website:

Visit ACCPA’s website and leave a message of appreciation. Whether it is a general thank you or an individual/team-specific acknowledgment, these collective expressions of thanks will be featured in ACCPA communications.

  1. Incorporate the Banner or Logo:

To demonstrate support, aged care providers are encouraged to add the Aged Care Employee Day banner or logo to their official websites or email signatures.

  1. Share Good News Stories:

Share inspiring stories related to aged care with local media outlets using ACCPA’s template media release. Additionally, reach out to with intriguing stories about older people working in aged care, individuals relocating to Australia for work in aged care, or those with captivating backgrounds.

  1. Recognise Employees with Certificates of Appreciation:

On Aged Care Employee Day, acknowledge the dedication and hard work of each staff member by presenting them with certificates of appreciation or heartfelt thank-you cards. Consider organising a recognition event or morning tea to commemorate the occasion.

This Aged Care Employee Day, let’s come together as a community to acknowledge and thank the caring individuals who dedicate themselves to improving the lives of ageing Australians.

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