Yackandandah Health votes to join Apollo Care

Yackandandah Health (YHL) members have voted to join forces with Apollo Care as the Approved Provider of its services, including the ‘Yamaroo’ aged care facility, GP clinic, and ‘Little Yaks’ early learning centre.

In a statement, Apollo Care’s CEO, Stephen Becsi, reinforced Apollo’s commitment to the success of these services and inter-generational care in the Yackandandah community.

“It will be ‘business-as-usual’ across all operations. Yackandandah Health Limited (YHL) – the community’s not-for-profit entity – will continue to operate the three services while we progressively invest in staff, systems and buildings to upgrade services and improve governance,” Mr Becsi added.

All staff, residents, and children at YHL will maintain their current terms and conditions after the acquisition. Yackandandah Health Limited will continue to operate the services while Apollo Care invests in staff, systems, and facilities.

Apollo Care will fund YHL’s operations and gradually enhance them as the Approved Provider. Inside Ageing recently spoke with Mr Becsi about the Apollo Care model and its ability to deliver efficiencies and improved financial outcomes.

YHL’s Board Chair, Patten Bridge, is pleased with the decision, aiming to strengthen the services for the future. A not-for-profit Yackandandah Community Association (YCA) will be established to preserve the community’s values, with members sitting on YHL and Apollo Care advisory boards.

“Our priority has been to determine the best and most realistic solution which will place our valued services on a strong footing for the future.

“We’re confident Apollo Care will ensure high-quality care is provided to residents. It has proven residential aged care management expertise plus the capital to improve operations and resident amenities. Apollo Care can support the expansion of the early learning centre and medical services,” Mr Bridge added.

Apollo Care currently manages seven aged care facilities in alliance with community and church investors, primarily in regional areas The transition of YHL to Apollo Care will occur on September 29, 2023.


  1. Ask (edited) what the land alone was worth, before sold this service for $220K.
    Ask what the ramifications of this are for GP services in the town.

    I’m not a member of the Albury or Wodonga Health Service, but apparently, I must be to decide Yack’s Health future.

    Why disenfranchise most of the community?

    (edited) sold our health service for not very much at all; my personal opinion is that it was virtually given away.

    Why would you do that?


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