Credit where credit is due: Cathy Buick – a 54-year career in nursing

Recently retired Coolibah Care enrolled nurse Cathy Buick, 71, celebrates her five-decade contribution to the nursing profession with staff and residents.

Cathy Buick, a devoted aged care nurse from Western Australia, has retired after an illustrious 54-year career in nursing. Inspired by her Scottish grandmother’s compassionate care in their village, Cathy pursued a pre-nursing course at the age of 15, initiating a lifelong journey in hospitals, midwifery, and aged care across two countries.

Reflecting on her career, Cathy expressed gratitude for the rewarding experiences of caring for people from infancy to old age. She dedicated the last 17 years of her career to Coolibah Care in Mandurah (South of Perth), where she formed strong bonds with colleagues and residents. Cathy highlights the importance of continuous learning in nursing and encourages others to enter the profession.

“Coolibah gave me a very nice going away. I went back to the Christmas party and was in on Christmas Eve, took chocolates. I will go back and see some residents and staff again. Give them a little visit”

Cathy Buick

Cathy, who moved to Australia in 1988 with her husband, Brian, remained passionate about nursing throughout her life. Her flexibility as an enrolled nurse allowed her to balance work and care for her four children.

In recognition of Cathy’s remarkable career, Coolibah Care CEO Amanda Crook nominated her in the ACCPA’s You Are ACE! campaign, acknowledging her significant contributions to the nursing profession and the lives of many.


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