Silver Memories and Conpago’s musical journey in aged care

(l-r) Silver Memories founder Gary Thorpe with Conpago's Ali Galadari

Silver Memories is a unique service that plays age-appropriate music around the clock, aiming to trigger reminiscence and discussions among its users. It’s the only 24-hour broadcast service of its kind in the world and has won numerous awards, including an Australian Mental Health Prize. Currently, it serves approximately 20,000 aged care residents Australia-wide.

Their new app, powered by Conpago innovation, extends their service to the broader community, supporting people in their homes as well as aged care facilities. This app is accessible on various devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and web browsers, making Silver Memories portable for subscribers.

“We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with Silver Memories, an essential service within the care sector. We are co-developing technology to deliver personalised, nostalgic content. With Gary and his team’s support, we’re making cherished memories easily accessible for older Australians and carers.”

Ali Galadari, CEO, Conpago

The app caters to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) by offering options in multiple languages, with efforts currently underway to expand this library with a focus on post-war migration countries and their languages first. Over one-third of older Australians were born overseas.

Unlike other media that provide different language options, this app adds a conversational aspect, catering to older generations who are often overlooked. It is also non-commercial in that it carries no advertising.

Silver Memories founder Gary Thorpe OAM, started the services more than 15 years ago and has gone on to be recognised in numerous awards, including an Order of Australia Medal. He is currently shortlisted for the 2023 Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Social Enterprise Award.

We started Silver Memories to make a difference and the app is going to take it to the next level, with many extra services that we will continue to build on…

Gary Thorpe OAM, Founder and CEO, Silver Memories

The app aims to enhance accessibility with additional features, including two-way communication, allowing users to make requests and receive responses. It also includes hymns and non-denominational religious services, providing additional value to aged care providers who may be unable to offer such services.

It is expected that the involvement of Conpago’s communication capabilities will allow the app to continually evolve, especially for aged care providers who wish to leverage the powerful social connection to introduce their own relevant content.

Silver Memories is known for its curated content and the power of the human voice. They have a team of announcers, some of whom are of the same age or older than their listeners, creating a shared experience. Research has shown that Silver Memories has a positive impact, reducing depression, anxiety, and aggression, especially among those living with dementia.

Their annual subscription price is $79.99, with a monthly option at $7.99 and a one-month free trial. They offer the ability to sign up entire aged care facilities and the service can be plugged into Smart TVs in common areas, promoting social engagement and reducing isolation. Download the Silver Memories app

In the long term, the app is expected to replace the satellite TV service. Australian Soprano Mirusia Louwerse is an ambassador for Silver Memories and recently composed a beautiful song, “Raise a Glass,” in support of the launch of the Silver Memories app.


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