Z Software and Medi-Map merge to advance medication management in Australia and NZ

Z Software and Medi-Map healthcare technology companies in Australia and New Zealand, have announced their merger. The two companies will continue to operate under their existing names and retain their current offices and support teams in both countries.

The merger will allow the companies to provide more advanced and efficient medication management solutions to prescribers, pharmacies, health and aged care providers, and patients. The move also marks a significant milestone for both companies as they expand their product offerings with innovative digital medicine management and dispensing software solutions.

The expertise of both companies will enable them to offer a comprehensive suite of software innovations to healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and pharmacies. The goal is to streamline administrative processes and improve medication management, ultimately leading to better patient care.

John Le, CEO of Z Software, said, “By bringing together the strengths of Z Software and Medi-Map, we can provide a more comprehensive and integrated set of solutions to independent and community pharmacies. We believe that our combined expertise will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers and improve patient care.”

Medi-Map CEO Greg Garratt added, “Medication management is critical to providing high-quality patient care. We can do great things together. We’re confident that this partnership will create new opportunities for us to continue to innovate, expand our reach and provide our customers with a more comprehensive set of solutions that will help them improve medication management and patient outcomes.”

The merger will also enable both companies to build on their strengths and improve services in the medication management space, an area of growing importance as healthcare providers seek to reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes.


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