$3.5m grant funding to improve dementia care in culturally diverse communities

Dr Joyce Siette

Today, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia has awarded nearly $3.5 million in targeted research funding to three expert teams.

The funding aims to enhance clinical pathways for the diagnosis, early intervention, treatment, and management of dementia in individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds. The funded research projects seek to address the stigma surrounding dementia, raise awareness of dementia risk reduction, and provide appropriate support for caregivers in these communities.

Recognising that different cultural and linguistic groups may face unique challenges, the projects aim to improve policy, programs, and health services for people living with dementia. The research initiatives will engage multicultural community organisations, develop health campaigns for specific cultural communities, and enhance culturally compatible support for caregivers, relieving pressure on dementia care services.

Chief InvestigatorTitleAdministrating InstitutionBudget
Dr Joyce Siette Transforming inclusive multidomain dementia prevention lifestyle initiatives for culturally and linguistically diverse older AustraliansWestern Sydney University$418,433
Professor Lee-Fay Low A community based participatory approach to decreasing dementia stigma and increasing help-seekingUniversity of Sydney$1,520,260
Professor Lily Dongxia Xiao A ‘culturally tailored iSupport model’ for carers of people with dementia – Read moreFlinders University$1,555,078


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