Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – Dementia Futures with Dr Timothy Rittman (Cambridge University) and Ian Sherriff (Plymouth University) – available Tuesday 2nd November

Our next episode is all about finding new horizons in dementia care and it focuses on two different approaches in the UK, with one involving new technology and another following a community-led approach that is having a positive impact on the period of diagnosis and life with dementia.

We’re delighted to invite two esteemed guests for this discussion, including Dr Timothy Rittman from the department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge. Dr Rittman is working alongside his colleague, Professor Zoe Kurtze on an AI program that uses brain scans to predict whether somebody will develop Alzheimer’s and how fast the disease will progress.

We’re also talking to Ian Sherriff, who’s been leading efforts throughout an astounding number of organisations in the UK, including the University of Plymouth, to shape supportive and enabling communities for people living with dementia.

Some of the fantastic work he’s done has involved doctors and dentists, airlines and airports, 10,000 parishes and rural communities across the UK.

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