Aged care enrichment podcast: Insights into living better and longer with Prof Cassandra Szoeke

Next week’s episode (March 8) is all about how ageing affects women’s bodies slightly differently from those of men, and what the research shows women can do to reduce the risks of age-related illnesses.

We spoke to Professor Cassandra Szoeke, the Director of the Healthy Ageing Project in the Centre for Medical Research at the University of Melbourne, and she has been leading Australia’s longest-running study of women’s health – the Women’s Healthy Ageing Project.

Armed with thirty years of research, she has written her new book Secrets of Women’s Healthy Ageing, which we’ll discuss in this conversation, with a fun and interesting look at what women and men can do to keep their bodies or “machines” as Cassandra calls them, running smoothly for 100 years.

Don’t forget, on Friday we’ll have an episode of Who Cares where Daniella and Maurie will be talking about this episode and the thought-provoking issues raised.

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