New session added to the Future of Ageing Conference: How robots are changing the face of aged care

Abi in conversation with residents

Inside Ageing first wrote about Andromeda late last year, and in particular, a trial they were doing at Bolton Clarke’s Allity, to integrate prototype humanoid companion robots designed to interact with residents

The robot known as ‘Abi’ uses the Chat GPT-4 artificial intelligence platform, allowing it to recognise residents, answer their questions, and customise conversations based on previous interactions. This level of personalisation creates a unique and meaningful experience for the residents, making them feel more engaged and less isolated.

The latest provider to embrace ‘Abi’ is Lutheran Homes Barossa (LHB), a 120-bed South Australian residential aged care provider, that first began introducing robots more than four years ago. Abi is their 10th robot, alongside other robots that provide a range of services that include window cleaning, deliveries and a current trial using a robot for concierge duties.

According to LHB’s Chief Executive Officer Lee Martin, “Overall, the ten robots are saving the organisation about the equivalent of five full-time positions. In dollar terms that could equate to $400,000.00 per annum.”

Robotics Engineer and Founder of Andromeda, Grace Brown will deliver a session at Inside Ageing’s upcoming Future of Ageing Conference in Sydney, that looks at next-generation care and the role of robotics in reshaping the future of aged care. Some of the areas to be covered include:

  • Ethical considerations such as privacy and dehumanisation.
  • Gains for aged care providers in areas such as efficiency, quality and affordability.
  • A holistic approach that integrates human and robotic assistance – empowering both seniors and caregivers.

In attendance will be:


Join the conversation and register today to learn more about this important area, and the potential it holds for the future of aged care.

Future of Ageing Conference & Awards – Sydney, August 29, 2024

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