Webinar: Important discussion on Taskforce Recommendation 11 – Additional Services

(editor) This is a guest post by Bruce Bailey, Managing Director of Aged Care Consultancy Pride Living.

As you may have observed, there has been little discussion of Recommendation 11 of the Taskforce report which relates to Additional Services. We have been liaising with the Department and other key people with knowledge of the Taskforce Recommendation and Additional Services more broadly.

We understand there will be consultation with all stakeholders before the finalisation of the Aged Care Act and Principles (Rules) relating to Additional Services.

In our view, it is critical that providers who offer or intend to offer Additional Services fully appreciate the implications of what is being proposed and importantly have input into any consultation process that precedes the development of the formal regulations which will be in line with the recommendations of the Taskforce.

We are collaborating with Victor Harcourt of Russell Kennedy and Inside Ageing to host a webinar for our clients and members of the Pride Living community to discuss these important issues. You have the option to attend on either Tuesday, April 23, or Tuesday, April 30, at 1pm (AEST). The webinar is an opportunity to update you on what we know, provide an opportunity for you to ask questions and importantly help us develop a White Paper on providers’ perspectives on future regulation of Additional Services.

We understand there is significant concern over residents being ‘forced’ to take Additional Services as a condition of entry and the potential for them to be exploited at a time of vulnerability. Following the webinar, we intend to ask providers who operate Additional Services packages to complete a survey so that we can include relevant experiential data in the White Paper.

This is a pivotal time and a unique opportunity for you to have input on the direction of regulation in a key source of revenue that directly impacts the quality of life of your residents. We trust you or a member of your team can attend the webinar.

You can register for either session below:

Tuesday, April 23 at 1 pm (AEST):


Tuesday, April 30 at 1 pm (AEST):



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