Aged Care Enrichment Podcast – The Hearing Loss Journey with Liz Baldwin (Expression Australia) – available Tuesday 31 August

In our next episode, we’re talking about hearing loss and deafness, with the help of Liz Baldwin. Liz is a clinical audiologist and manager at Expression Australia, a not for profit created for the deaf community by the deaf community.

A lot of Liz’s work is in helping older adults through their hearing loss journey, as well as providing tools and support to her clients and their families to adapt to hearing loss

If you’re a care worker or working in the aged care industry, then this is a great episode for understanding how hearing loss is not just a communication problem, how to spot some early signs of its development and assist those people who are experiencing hearing loss.

If you listened to our last two episodes, then you’ll remember that we’re celebrating the podcast’s one year birthday! For the final time, the mid-episode break will be featuring some messages from friend’s of the show, and even a special musical guest all the way from the UK!

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