Aged care faces a shortfall of 100,000 workers within five years

As reported by the ABC earlier this afternoon, a new ‘secret’ report handed to the former government last year, indicates a shortfall of around 100,000 care workers by 2027-28, and by 2050 the workforce gap will be around 212,000 full-time equivalent positions.

The Care Workforce Labour Market Study was handed to the Morrison govt in September 2021 but was only released today by Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor who accused the previous government of burying the report.

“It was kept secret because the Liberal government wanted to avoid dealing with the growing crisis facing the care workforce, particularly aged care, disability care, and care and support in mental health,” he said. 

The report also claims that the current award system does not entirely reflect the distinct responsibilities of workers, meaning the same minimum pay rates apply to a range of roles. 

The Fair Work Commission is currently considering a case brought forward by the unions, who are calling for a 25 per cent pay increase for residential aged care and home care workers.

The federal government has promised to pick up the bill for any potential pay rise, with a decision expected early in the new year.

Inside Ageing recently held a webinar explaining the options surrounding migration that can help bridge the workforce shortage gap. The webinar highlighted options for the government to do more with respect to student visas, revisions to the occupation list and temporary visas to help bring more people into care roles. Watch the video recording here.


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