Aged care home evacuates everyone within 24 hours during recent Perth bushfires

Wanneroo busfire evacuation, Ash Tiwade, Nurse Practitioner and Sandy Shaw, Residential Care Manager.

The Elderbloom Community Care Centres in Wanneroo, Western Australia, have been recognised for their exemplary teamwork during the evacuation of residents amid the Wanneroo bushfires, which destroyed 18 nearby homes.

Faced with the imminent threat, the centre management, displaying a combination of preparedness and community spirit, evacuated two homes and 197 independent living units in under 24 hours on November 22. The operation involved relocating 50 residents to be cared for at home, transferring 56 to Perth’s Edith Cowan University School of Nursing, and sending four via ambulance to the hospital.

The seamless evacuation showcased the dedication of the entire team, with staff members volunteering and demonstrating a collective commitment to supporting residents and each other.

Their efforts were recognised as part of the Aged and Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) “You Are ACE!” campaign, which acknowledges excellence in aged care.

In a statement, ACCPA CEO Tom Symondson highlighted the paramount importance of ensuring the safety of aged care residents, particularly during the summer holidays when natural disasters are more likely.

ACCPA has compiled state-specific information regarding planning for natural disasters and other emergencies, visit their website to learn how to be better prepared this summer.


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