Former Seek marketer joins Benetas

Elyssia Clark

Benetas has welcomed Elyssia Clark as its new General Manager of Customer, Insights and Marketing.

Ms Clark joins from Seek, where she spent almost 5 years in the area of customer insights and strategy – a background that is increasingly relevant for aged care providers looking to build a customer pipeline and improve customer experience and data-driven insights.

Whilst at Seek, she introduced a real-time Voice of the Customer capability, streamlining feedback and focusing on priority areas.

Ms Clark has also worked internationally for big-name research agencies including the Wallis Consulting Group, Kantar and DBM Consultants.

Ms Clark is an elected Director of the Research Society Board, a Co-Chair of the CX Collective, and a Customer Insights Symposium Advisory board member. She holds a Master in Strategic Marketing, a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (Social Statistics) and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Media).

Benetas CEO, Sandra Hills OAM says: “Our sector needs to continue to evolve, so we can better meet the needs of our people in our community as they age. Benetas is committed to providing outstanding levels of customer service, resulting in a fulfilling experience of ageing.”

“Elyssia’s breadth of knowledge and understanding of customer experience, strategy and research will help us continue to position Benetas as a customer advocate and industry leader into the future,” added Ms Hills.


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