Hayylo partners with Anglicare SQ to enhance client collaboration

Hayylo, a leading technology platform, has announced a new partnership with Anglicare Southern Queensland aimed at improving client connections and care outcomes. The collaboration will introduce a pilot application designed to streamline communication and service coordination for home care clients in Brisbane’s south.

The pilot group will be across 6500 clients for an initial 3-month period, with the aim of streamlining service delivery, improving client experience and fostering stronger relationships with the community.  

Greg Satur, CEO and Co-Founder of Hayylo, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and the potential impact of the new application. He stated, “Our pilot project will include a branded app, multichannel communication, and purpose-built service platform designed to streamline care service delivery. The platform will empower Anglicare Southern Queensland to make informed decisions, improve client communication, and foster stronger relationships, leading to better support and increased satisfaction for the clients and community it serves. We’re excited to support Anglicare’s dedicated teams with our cutting-edge platform, ultimately enhancing the quality of care they provide to clients.”

Barry Mather, Chief Digital Officer of Anglicare Southern Queensland shared, “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our client engagement and service and are excited to be able to trial new technology and digital platforms within the home care sector. We are confident that the Hayylo platform will help us continue to provide exceptional care and support for our clients.”

The Hayylo platform is expected to offer seamless communication, improved service coordination, and advanced analytics, enabling Anglicare Southern Queensland to enhance client care and outcomes. By utilising this innovative technology, the organization aims to strengthen its client engagement, improve service delivery, and cultivate better relationships within the community.

This partnership marks an important step forward for both Hayylo and Anglicare Southern Queensland as they strive to leverage technology to provide exceptional care and support in the home care sector.


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