Medi-Map first to integrate with My Health Record

Medi-Map, is set to further streamline care organisations’ approach to patient care through its integration with My Health Record (MHR). This new feature, slated for release in August, marks the first time direct access to MHR will be available through a medication management system.

Medi-Map is conformant under the government’s Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) products in residential aged care services and is eligible for the current round of grants to assist providers in their adoption. Details on the grants can be found here.

Nurses within approved care organisations will gain access to a resident’s comprehensive health record, contingent on individual permissions and opt-in decisions. This integration will provide a wealth of information, including discharge summaries, pathology lab results, GP summaries, pharmacy dispensing records, allergies, referral letters, and immunisation history.

In a statement, Medi-Map’s Australian GM Christelle Ucinek said, “We believe that connectivity to MyHR is a necessary step to provide staff with a more holistic view of an individual’s medication journey and improve their health outcomes.”
“This supports the Medi-Map Mission statement to promote better patient outcomes. Clinicians will be able to access MHR information which will assist with medicine management decision-making, and ensure the nurse has all information needed when caring for residents”, Ms Ucinek added.

The integration of MHR functionality into the Medi-Map platform is being facilitated with the support of the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). As care organisations enrol for access, they will gain this valuable tool, improving their ability to provide informed and collaborative patient care.


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