National Meals on Wheels Day: Celebrating 70 years

Volunteers prepare lunch in a Meals on Wheels kitchen. National Archives of Australia: A1200, L22264

Today, on National Meals on Wheels Day, this iconic volunteer service marks an impressive 70 years of providing #morethanjustameal to older Australians.

Backed by an army of devoted volunteers, Meals on Wheels goes beyond nourishing with its delicious and nutritious meals, tackling the prevalent issue of social isolation among those aged over 65 – a critical factor linked to health decline and premature mortality.

In a statement, Paul Sadler, Chair of Meals on Wheels Australia, expressed immense pride in this milestone and highlighted the diverse ways in which the organisation enriches communities.

“One thing that has remained clear over Meals on Wheels’ 70 years is that the service we provide with the support of committed volunteers, is vital.

“As we learnt from the subsequent Meals on Wheels Social Impact Report, released by Huber Social, the Meals on Wheels model and our volunteers are critical in supporting older people to live well, meet their nutritional needs, their dietary and eating preferences, providing necessary social connection, as well as carrying out lifesaving well-being checks at every visit, Mr Sadler added.

Gatherings are anticipated across the country as communities, volunteers, customers, and staff unite to acknowledge the transformative impact achieved by Meals on Wheels.

Beyond just delivering meals, this cherished service stands as a symbol of compassion and support for older Australians nationwide.


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